About Thomas

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Thomas Springer.
Born 1969 in Munich, Bavaria. Grown up using MS-DOS 2.1, Edlin and Norton Commander.
1980s: Started with a C64 and an IBM-PC with 5.25″ SD- drives
1990s: Fido-mailed at 2.4 kBps as 2:2480/401.16
Late 1990s: Internet-connected at 14.4 kBps via Trumpet Winsock

Likes to hack things.
Does hack your website for money.
Does hack your mobile app for money.
Does hack your smart home for money.
Does hack your medical device for money.
Does hack your nuclear powerplant for money.
Did all of the above.

Is able to find security flaws in your concept.
Is able to assist in getting your project secure.
Is able to track and drive remediation of your findings.

A bit of Embedded
A bit of Electronics
A bit of Windows (all versions)
A bit of Linux (many versions)

Some SQL (MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL-Server, Oracle, MongoDB, younameit.)
Some coding (Assembler, Pascal, C, Java, younameit.)
Some scripting (Shell, Perl, Python, PHP, younameit.)

A bit of pentesting (Kali, Burp, Nessus, Metasploit etc.)
A bit of Vulnerability Management
A bit of compliance
A bit of auditing (9k, 27k)